2022 - 2023

DA 131 - HTML, CSS & the Foundations of Web introduces the core technologies in web development. Topics include web site planning, design, coding and deployment in addition to accessibility, best practices and web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium. Emphasis is on the use of progressive enhancement, adaptive design, semantically correct HTML and CSS to create effective and attractive web sites. Other topics include how to register a domain name, purchase hosting, and publish and maintain a website.

DA 233:  Portfolio Development provides students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience using a number of online and open source platforms to create dynamic web content.  Students will practice platform and theme installation and configuration, plugin and module installation, and content creation.  Students will utilize their skills to build and publish an online portfolio to showcase their work.


DA 121:  Introduction to Animation introduces students to basic animation theory and mechanics. Students are challenged to demonstrate the principles of animation by creating animated sequences with believable characters. Students will explore the steps required to produce a short animated film including: brainstorming, script writing, storyboarding, creating an animatic, character development, animation, and production.

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